Online Content Marketing

Developing Your Online Content Marketing

Online Content Marketing” Crikey, that sounds complicated.  Can’t I just put some products in my Web Shop and watch the money roll in?  Yes, maybe, if you have a totally unique product and no competitors.  Does that sound like your business?  If not then read on.

A way into online content marketing

Don’t panic.  This is one of those things that sounds complicated, and some people like to have you think that, but all the answers are out there.  Double bonus is that once you get into the swing of this, it really is very rewarding.  Honest.

As always, let’s use a real example from one of our clients.

Project: Grounds maintenance business website development

The issue: Generate income and have a credible brochure site for corporate customers

Solution: Creative content marketing strategy

Our starting point for online content marketing was Google keyword planner.  You know the one, it tells you the popular word searches and phrases and you can find it here.  We put in Lawn Care and set the search parameters to the United Kingdom, West Midlands only region.  First massive surprise was how many people in that small region were search on lawn care and related terms.  1000s, every month.  The exact search phrases used (all about seed types, aerating, racking etc) we used to develop content for the site.  Some in blogs, some on the main navigation sections and home pages.

Using affiliate selling to drive up revenue

Second massive surprise on this project was around lawn mowers.  All the lawn care searches were dwarfed by searches for lawn mowers.  Turns out our ground maintenance client has used lawn mowers in his 30 years in the business.  Quite a lot in fact.  He also has his views on which are the best for certain types of lawns, domestic, industrial etc etc.  It was an easy task to capture this knowledge and blog about it.  Also an easy task to find affiliate sellers (the large chain stores you would expect) willing to give our client 15% commission for all the traffic he directed to them to buy these lawn mowing devices.

So, win, win, win.  Wins all over the place.  Our client now gets revenue from selling lawn mowers for about half a day developing reviews and content.  He also gets increased traffic to his site selling his services, and is becoming a recognised authority on all things green fingered.  Especially lawn mowing.  It’s about trust, which comes from authority, which leads to income and sales.

What does this mean for my WebShop online content marketing?

Hopefully it has given you some confidence.  Have a go.  Original content is always best, and it will be close at hand.  It just needs teasing out.  The Google keyword planner was the key to unlocking it for us.  It gives you what people are searching for.  It is gold dust really.  Potential customers expressing themselves in their language about the products and services that they want.  It gave us structure and direction, a focus for developing our online content marketing.  Give it a go.  It is a free service.  It will help you structure your site and give shape to your authority and trust building blogs.

These blogs and site content are very important.  Unless you are a world leading brand, customers will find your site through these blogs and authority articles.  Your web shop is like a house.  People will rarely enter through the front door.  Make sure you leave the windows open – hit the keywords and phrases all over your site.  It will drive up traffic and increase your sales, focus on online content marketing.