Content Marketing – Selling Online

Shaping your WebShop Marketing Content

OK, so you’ve made the decision to get your online business up and running.  What next?  Well content marketing of course, but what sells?  You don’t want your site to be an online brochure – a messy and overly complicated collection of images and products with other people’s words and descriptions.  How many times have you searched the web for a particular product only to come across the same images and text in several different WebShops, duplicated content marketing?

There are 2 problems with just taking suppliers content for your website:

  1. Google and other search engines hate duplicated copy and you will be marked down for it.  This means lower rankings and less customers visiting your site

  2. More importantly, these technical product descriptions are dry, boring and won’t generate sales even if you get traffic on your site

Online Content Marketing – what do you mean?

Content marketing, in a nutshell, means generating your own copy for your site.  This copy will be for your ‘About Us’ type pages, but also for the sections and areas that are used to sell your products.  You will often need technical product descriptions, what devices products are compatible with, the ampage they require etc. etc, but this can be downplayed and hidden behind more creative content about your products and services that draws customers in and increases your chance of a sale.

Let’s take an example from one of our clients this week:

Project: Mobile Phone Accessories Website

Product: A 2m usb charging cable

Our content: Trouble reaching out of the way plug sockets?  Got rooms you can’t charge your phone in?  Want to charge your phone from the back seat of a car on a long journey?  Worry no more with this massive 2m charging lead.

It was a commonly held belief in our office that a 2m usb charging cable is in fact, well, a 2m usb charging cable.  This thinking lead us to simply replicating the suppliers content about said charging lead.  Now we need to do this, and have in a technical description section, but the grabber is about hard to reach plug sockets and car back seats.  This discipline is required for all of your web shop content development.  Think not about the features of your product (2m) but the benefits to customers (hard to reach plug sockets & charging in the back of cars).

If we can do this for a 2m charging cable, then anyone can do it for products and services much closer to yours and customers hearts.  Give it some love.  Research the product.  Find some online reviews, find out specifically what value customers will draw from your products and use that language in your content.  Use it verbatim.  Don’t be shy, it’s content marketing!