Powerful eCommerce System

Q. Another eCommerce system what makes yours so special?

WebShop Revolution isn’t a brand new eCommerce solution, “Really, what’s all the fuss about then” I hear you say. We haven’t built a powerful new online shop system, frankly there is enough of them out there and to build our own with all the features, bells and whistles would take years of development and years to convince people ours was better.

So what we’ve done is take an existing system, one that is Powerful and feature rich, has had years of development and had the time to prove to people it’s number 1.

Q. Which System is it, we’ll be the judge of that?

It’s a little eCommerce system called Magento, you might of heard it, it’s quite powerful? It has more than 200,000 merchants globally and some of those stores include “Next”, “Mother Care”, “Harvey Nichols”, “Odd Bins”, “Fred Perry”, “Paul Smith”, “The North Face”, “Samsung”, “Olympus” I could go on.

Q. Why do so many premium retailers use Magento?

Well it’s been specifically written for eCommerce, every line of code, feature and function is designed to help you turn a browser into a shopper. Magento is the professional’s choice it’s feature-rich system is built on open-source technology that provides retailers with incredible flexibility and control. Magento is intuitive and it’s administration interface features powerful marketing, SEO and catalogue management tools.

Powerful WebShop Revolution

Q. Okay, Okay I’ve heard a lot about Magento and how great it is, you’ve convinced me, but what have you done that makes this a Revolution?

Good question. Well one of the problems with Magento is you need to go to a big fancy web developing company or agency and ask them very nicely to design and build you and store, then pay some rather large hosting fees too.

So what we’ve done is create an automatic Magento installer and wrapped it around a very simple signup and shop creating website. All you need to do is enter a few details like an email address, username & password. Then your straight into uploading a logo, choosing a colour theme and adding some products. Once your happy with the look of your site you press “Make My Shop” and a few minutes later it’s done, all that’s left is to finalise any additional products, start selling and make money.

Q. Wow, you make sound so easy, but I’m not technically minded, can someone like me use this system?

I’ll grant you that a lot of these eCommerce systems are not that easy to use and you will need a certain amount of competency to use Magento, it is a big powerful system that has to offer every eCommerce retailer everything they’re going to need to sell their products. As people want more functionality and be able to show upsells, featured products, different categories, coupon codes, send newsletters and much more then it requires human activity to run them.