Simple Online Shops

Why Is It Important To Be Simple?

I don’t know about you, but if I think about aspects of my life that have not been as successful as I would have liked, the common denominator is that they just weren’t simple enough or accessible enough for me to use properly.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a quitter. But there has to be an effort to reward ratio that makes investing time and effort into something new worthwhile. In small ways I think many of us look back with a hint of regret at missed opportunities. Things we should have done “if only” it had been easier. More Simple.

Simplicity comes in many forms

For something to work really well, it needs to be accessible, affordable, easy to understand and quick to use. The learning curve a user must go through before gaining a benefit needs to give a return on the time invested quickly.

Many things in life look simple, but aren’t.

See if any of this rings true with you;

In the past have you ever bought subscriptions to services then rarely used them?

Do you have items for the house that, once the packaging is off, and the manual open, turn out to be more trouble than their initial cost was worth.

Great Idea! I Wish It Worked

I have a kitchen cabinet full of clutter, most of which are items that seemed like a fantastic purchase at the time only for them not to be worth the hassle of getting out, cleaning and using them for that “ once a month – at the most” purpose.

My wife calls this the “sandwich toaster” cupboard, and yes, there is a sandwich toaster in it, and a device that holds and peels oranges, and other stuff which, after months or years of being sat there would best be described as “junk”.

In all honesty I can’t remember when I last used either the toaster or the peeler. One thing is certain though, I could count the times both have been used on the fingers of one hand.

They seemed such a good idea at the time. The problem? They weren’t simple enough. In this case cleaning, storing and preparation were the bug-bears.

Show Me The Power

I have a universal remote control that is supposed to give me absolute control over all my electronic devices from one simple handset. I pictured myself feeling like the king of my electronic domain.  Turning off the TV with one click, closing my automatic curtains (we don’t even have automatic curtains) with another then laugh maniacally as I switch the Hi-Fi over to Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyre”. Music chosen specifically for my remote control fuelled lust for power.

The reality? The hundred and two page manual and the arcane processes required to set it up in the first place mean it’s never been used. I mean really. Never been used. The batteries are still in the plastic wrapper.

Simple Online Shops

I Guess Setting Up An Online Business Is Going To Be Out Of The Question Then

That’s got to be a daunting thought from the outset. So much to think about.

If you’re running a small business selling products or maybe providing a service, your friends and relatives will, somewhere along the line, have told you;

See what the Guardian say about the future of Simple Online Shops

“You’re going to need a website”

But commercial websites are expensive, difficult to set up and hard to maintain. These are the things that people know. Aren’t they?

If a fruit peeler is hard work… if the problems in setting up a remote control is enough to scupper our plans for world domination, what hope is there for us if a commercial website needs to be built before our business empire can become a reality?

Surely there is no hope. It’s just not Simple enough.

Welcome To “The Revolution”. The WebShop Revolution

An e-commerce solution that takes all the hassle out of setting up your own online business. With just a few clicks you’re done. But don’t take my word for it, check out the video below of a site being set up, start to finish.

Wow! That Simple?

You may have already researched e-commerce. Come across issues like web hosting, setting up databases, connecting payment providers and designing or buying expensive customized themes.

The WebShop Revolution Approach

Any e-commerce solution that asked you to sort this out for yourself would not be… here comes that word again  “Simple”. This stuff needs to be sorted out behind the scenes.  In business terms, the technical requirements need to be completely transparent to the end user.